Donna Hamilton

Board of Directors:
Peter Norman, President
Jacques Monfiston, Vice-President
Anne O’Callaghan, Treasurer
Brian Marshall Schieder, Corporate Secretary
Sarindar Dhaliwal, Director
Moudu Ekhar, Director

April 2020 Memo for LVAC Members and Households (PDF)

March 2020 Memo for LVAC Members and Households (PDF)

December 2019 Memo for LVAC Members and Households (PDF)


Maintenance Request Form: Maintenance Work Request Form


On Call Volunteer:
On Call Volunteers are responsible for dealing with lock-outs and emergency maintenance problems when co-op employees are not available including after office hours, on holidays and weekends. The On-Call telephone number is 647-286-2047.

Examples of emergency situations that would require action by the On-Call Volunteers include:

-fires or gas leaks
-loss of essential services such as heat, hydro, and water
-elevator breakdown
-major plumbing failure, a breakdown that will cause further expense and damage if not fixed immediately (e.g. water penetration through ceilings or walls).