How to Apply

Membership is restricted to professional artists. Prospective members must earn at least part of their income from an artistic discipline (i.e. Visual Art, Theatre, Writing, Music, Photography, etc). Some units are subsidized.

To apply to become LVAC Member, please download, print, and fill out:

1 – Housing Application

2 – Eligibility Questionnaire

If you would like us to mail you an application package, please email or telephone 416 255 3815. Be sure to read the application Cover Letter and consult the Itemized List which explains what kind of support materials can be included with your application package.

Also print and submit

3 – Your up-to-date artistic CV

Mail the CV, the Housing Application, the Eligibility Questionnaire and any support materials that you would like to include to Lakeshore Village Artists Co-op, 115 Birmingham St, Toronto ON, M8V 3Z9. Complete application packages can also be dropped off in the office mailbox. 

For any further questions, feel free to contact the LVAC Office at